The current climate and ecological crises we face require urgent action. Education can contribute to this, but how?

To find answers, Teacher for Climate Wieneke Maris is travelling through Europe this school year, looking for great examples of sustainability and climate education. Because the world needs ecological literate citizens. Follow her journey here.

Join the European Network of Teachers for Climate

On her journey Wieneke will set up an international network of Teachers for Climate. The purpose of the network; to share expertise, knowledge and practices. Would you like to join the network? Or do you know a great example that Wieneke should visit? Send her an email: wienekemaris [at]

Learning in nature and with the community

Learning about sustainability education on a biodynamic farm    Six-thirty AM, I am harvesting broccoli, and loving it. We are staying at Alm Ostre, the oldest (since 1974) running biodynamic farm in Norway. Not only is it a beautiful and peaceful place, and a warm…

Blog 1: Education that Connects: Learning about Education for Sustainable Development in Norway

I find myself in Hamar, Norway. Me being here is part of the sabbatical plan my partner Niels and I have for the coming school year; travelling through Europe to discover examples of innovative sustainability education. The world is in an ecological and climate crisis…